wrong [rôŋ]
[ME, crooked, twisted, wrong < OE wrang < ON rangr, wrangr, wrong, twisted: for IE base see WRING]
1. not in accordance with justice, law, morality, etc.; unlawful, immoral, or improper
2. not in accordance with an established standard, previous arrangement, given intention, etc. [the wrong method, came on the wrong day]
3. not suitable or appropriate [the wrong thing to say]
a) contrary to fact, reason, some set standard, etc.; incorrect; inaccurate; false
b) acting, judging, believing, etc. incorrectly; mistaken
5. unsatisfactory; in a bad state or condition
6. not functioning properly; out of order [something wrong with her eyes]
7. designating the side, surface, etc. that is not meant to be seen; designating the unfinished, inner, or under side [the wrong side of a fabric]
in a wrong manner, direction, etc.; so as to be wrong; incorrectly; amiss
1. that which is not right, or not just, proper, correct, etc.; esp., an unjust or immoral act
2. Law a violation or invasion of a legal right; injurious act, as a tort
1. to treat badly or unjustly; do wrong to; injure
2. to think badly of without real justification
3. to malign; dishonor
4. to seduce (a woman)
☆ get someone in wrong
Informal to bring someone into disfavor
get someone (or something) wrong
Informal to fail to understand someone (or something) properly
go wrong
1. to turn out badly
2. to change from good behavior to bad; go astray
in the wrong
not on the side supported by truth, justice, etc.
SYN.- WRONG implies the inflicting of unmerited injury or harm upon another [he was wronged by false charges ]; OPPRESS implies a burdening with harsh, rigorous impositions or the cruel or unjust use of power [oppressed by heavy taxation ]; PERSECUTE suggests constant harassment or the relentless infliction of cruelty and suffering [the persecuted minorities of Nazi Germany ]; AGGRIEVE suggests the infliction of such wrongs or injuries as seem a just cause for complaint or resentment [aggrieved by her ill-treatment of him ]; ABUSE suggests improper or hurtful treatment, as by the use of insulting or coarse language [her much- abused husband ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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